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eMpowerMe Life Coaching founder, Jacqui Power, is a Brisbane Life Coach who works with families and individuals who are in that place of “overwhelm”. Offering a supportive, non-threatening coaching framework, my goal is to develop a pathway with clearly defined action steps that will eMpower YOU to move forward into a position of strength and direction.

  • Transition Coaching
    Has life brought you to a crossroad? I can help you find your way.
  • Career Coaching
    Find clarity about your study direction or work goals.
  • Transformation Coaching
    Become the better version of YOU as we unveil your life purpose.
  • Work Life Balance
    Prioritise the areas of your life according to your strengths and desired outcomes.

How Life Coaching Can Help You

Life Coaching can empower and equip you to enter in to the life you were created for… with purpose, intention and joy. My aim is to help you discover where you want your life to be and identify the steps you need to take to achieve it.

Discover Your Pupose

Discovering our purpose driven life helps us to establish goals and the steps to achieve them.

Identify Your Strengths

The things that seem natural or normal to each individual is often where our strengths are found.

Make Wise Decisions

Knowing our purpose and strengths guides us towards making confident decisions, in the right direction.
Life Transformation Coach Brisbane

Take Action Steps

It is in completing the small daily actions that milestones are achieved each day.

Reach Your Goals

Hitting goals comes from doing the work, trusting the process and being consistently consistent.

Enjoy the Journey

With an encouraging Life Coach by your side, this process brings great reward and fulfillment.

Words From Clients

Meet Jacqui - Brisbane Life Coach

My JOY comes from helping people move from that place of feeling “stuck” into the space where they feel confident and able to move forward in life.

Jacqui Power Brisbane Life Coach

Jacqui Power

Life Coach and Founder

Often it is our personal journey that enables and qualifies us to give the support and guidance that can help others through their own. Our trials really can be used to build personal strength, resilience and perseverance. This is how I came to be a Life Coach. I have been through a few transitions in my life and used them as new starts and springboards to becoming better not bitter. After walking through the fires that come with losing a child, domestic violence, divorce… I chose to start again. You can start again too.

My specialty as a life coach is in helping people use transition to form a better, balanced life that they enjoy. I like helping people dream again, reaching goals and getting promotions.

If you are looking for someone to be your encourager, who can help you identify and set goals and keep you accountable to them, then I am with you. Together we can establish the new habits needed to welcome in a new lifestyle.

My qualifications include:

  • Diploma of Life Coaching
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Certificate III in Micro Business Operations

CALL ME! Let’s chat about what’s holding you back and how you can move forward.

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